TIF export fix - DRAW X4 to Photoshop CS3

Current (initial) version of DRAW X4 export routine creates TIF files that won't open in Photoshop CS3. This macro automatically fixes the bug.

Install it & forget it.
The only required condition for the macro to work, which is set in the macro installer by default: Tools->Options->VBA->DelayLoadVBA = OFF



  1. Thank You very much - it works great! Keep on Your good work!
    Nice greetings from Germany,

  2. Doesnt work for me.
    The exported TIF looks in PS-CS3 like some vertical thin line but noting like the original picture.
    Some ideas???

  3. I can't really imagine what could go wrong since the macro consists of actually 3 or so simple lines of code. Maybe a file security or antivirus or something like that blocks VBA macros? Check it and add the gms file of this macro to trusted/excluded zone

  4. This fix doesn't work for saving a file as a TIF within PhotoPaint. Photoshop won't open a TIF file saved from PhotoPaint X4. Any solution?

  5. no automatic solution for PP :-(
    yet here's a standalone utility that fixes PPX4 produced tif files for PhotoshopCS3: add4zerobytes.exe (sendspace.com) or Mirror - just drag'n'drop your tif file onto the utility's icon

  6. A terrific workaround for now. Thanks for such a quick response.
    Corel could learn something from your expertise and service.

  7. Thanks you are a life-saver. I export TIFF files for print all of the time.

  8. Thanks you have solved my major problem or else I used to export the file as psd & then convert it to tiff in photoshop cs3 thanks for saving my time

  9. huge thanks, you save my life !!

    Best regards for you !