Documents Ctrl-Tab switching enhancement

When you switch documents in CorelDRAW v11—X4 with Ctrl-Tab your first mouse click in the new window will be ignored making you think there's something wrong with the pointing device :-), so to select a shape you have to click once more.

I've changed this behaviour to a more comfortable and natural a year ago using AutoHotKey.

And now I've incorporated document InstaSwitch :-) feature into wx_ToggleToolbars which somehow suits its wonderful primary function (toggling of editable nearly fullscreen mode).

So this means that once the macro is installed it intercepts switching of windows sending the naughty additional click — and thus you're able to manage shapes on the very first click, no distractions!

This feature operates in CorelDRAW v12,X3,X4 and does not in v11 (no VBA event hook provided). Of course editable fullscreen toggling works in v11 as well as in v12,X3,X4 but that's the other story.


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