wx_ImportWithName easy autotagger

Provides a way to import files retaining source name & path of the file in statusbar and object manager — just drag'n'drop files on the macro window, from any Explorer folder (do not use File-Import dialog)

  • hold Alt to ignore forceDpi, hold Ctrl to specify ForceDpi
  • Right-click the window to set options and lookup help
  • Screen position of macro window will be remembered.
  • StatusBar widths saving (rightclick the macro window), to make dpi visible in statusbar: remove 'HelpInfo' field, re-arrange 'ObjDetails' & 'ObjInfo' widths and position, enable StatusBar saving in rightclick macro menu



sameColorSelect + wx_TransparentEdge

SameColorSelect: sameColorSelect.exe

  • ColorSel.selectSameFillColor - selects objects with same fill color as current shape's
  • ColorSel.selectSameOutline - same outline color
  • ColorSel.selectSameFillAndOutline - same fill and outline colors
  • ColorSel.selectSameDialog - see picture
    invoke the dialog, set the options, further calls to selectSame... 1-click macros will use the settings

Transparent edge (vector / bitmap, 1 object, no groups): wx_TransparentEdge.exe

  • Live preview

AutoDPI for imported bitmaps (72dpi fix)

wx.setDpi - sets dpi value (without resampling) for bitmaps (selected/page)

wx.setDpiSetup - setup of automatic dpi setting for any imported bitmaps (0 = disable).

p.s. Installation routine enables VBA macros to initialize at DRAW's startup (thus providing the macro's behaviour immediately after launch of DRAW) by unchecking VBAdelayLoad option, available also in Tools->Options->VBA.


ScatterToNewLayers updated

See also full package description

  • Updated ScatterToNewLayers: Shape names are used for new layers