wx_TOOLS macro package

The package of versatile handy tools I use currently to slipstream my workflow.

  • wx.PClipPick - pick a powerclipped shape(s) without entering powerclip editing mode. Works with keyboard assignment only: for example "W" and "Shift-W" (to add to selection). Repeat the macro to pick nested shapes.
  • wx.InvertSelection - invert shapes selection
  • wx.ZoomOutBack - to replace F3 hotkey, restores old pre-X3 behaviour
  • wx.CreateFountain - to quickcreate complex fountain fills - select a few uniformly filled shapes, invoke the macro, pick the target shape which will be painted with a fountain fill consisting of the selected colors.
    Updated to preserve angle and space between source swatches
  • wx.selectComplexCurves - to find shapes with number of nodes greater than specified
  • wx.selectSameFillColor, wx.selectSameFillAndOutline, wx.selectSameOutline, wx.selectSameDialog - selects ungroupped shapes with same fill/outline colors. Enable keyboard ScrollLock led to specify sensitivity (negative values allow selection inside groups)
  • wx.transparentEdge - create feathered edges for simple shapes (quirky)
  • wx.PasteAtMouse - paste the clipboard at mouse position
  • wx.ForEach - repeat last standard transform (repeatable usually with Ctrl-R) for the selection of multiple shapes individually for each (each repetition creates its 'undo' record)
  • wx.OutlinesToQ_KillEmpty - converts outlines to curves and deletes original shapes if it has no fill
  • wx.sizePagetoFIT - resizes page to fit objects + user specified gap
  • wx.selectSmallObjects - select objects smaller than user specified threshold
  • wx.outlineBehind - enable outline behind. Shift-click to disable
  • wx.OutlineIncrease & OutlineDecrease - change selected shapes' outlines width. Each width is changed individually which allows changing of different widths in one selection. I have it on Ctrl-Alt-Up & Down
  • wx.OutlineEqualsFill - makes outline color equal to fill. Useful for trace results in X3 to eliminate faint ghostly 'outline'
  • wx.GuideHorizontal, GuideVertical - create guide at mouse cursor. Assign to a hotkey
  • wx.BlendSplit - splits blend at position under mouse cursor. Invoke via hotkey only
  • wx.pageNamesAsNumbers - remove page names ("Page #") so that only numbers remain.
  • wx.dupOnNextPage - quick copying of selection to the next page (no clipboard usage). Layers currently are merged.
  • wx.TextToCurves - text to curves (also powerclipped) throughout whole document or selection only.
  • wx.ConvertShapesToCMYK - converts shapes and bitmaps to CMYK (selected/whole doc)
  • wx.BitmapsDownsample - resamples bitmaps if its dpi is larger than specified by 20%. Asks dpi # and processes selected / whole doc, including powerclips. Shows per page statistics
  • wx.BitmapsSetDPI - changes dpi value for bitmaps without resampling. Asks dpi # and processes selected / whole doc, including powerclips. Shows per page statistics.
  • wx.BitmapsToPowerclips - puts bitmaps into powerclips. Asks bleed # and processes selected / whole doc. Shows per page statistics.
  • wx.BitmapsResizer - to change (all/page/selected) bitmaps' dimensions proportionally (or force the values entered, if both X,Y are non-zero), optionally processes powerclipped contents

  • wx.ScrollScreenDown, ...Up ...Left ...Right ...DownRight ...UpRight ...DownLeft ...UpLeft - Scroll by 80% of screen. Assign e.g. to Ctrl-Alt-Numpad keys (1 to 9)

Purchase at MacroMonster.com


  1. Hi Os,
    how will this install? toolbar ? many icons ? one icon and gui ?

  2. My gms macro setup exe's don't yet provide automatic workspace integration. So the macros listed in the post just exist in the gms and are accessible in Draw's customization thus it's up to you to create the buttons/assign hotkeys

  3. I use MacroInstaller (my macro) or common Draw's customization to make the buttons accessible

  4. I can't make .CreateFountain work.
    I have 3 shapes selected, but when I run the script, the cursor just blinks, it doesn't let choose the destination shape.
    I'm trying it on Brazilian-Portuguese Coredraw 12.

    thanks for the scripts-

  5. thank you, I've just tested it with Draw12 and fixed a few incompatibilities. However wx.BlendSplit macro won't run on Draw12 anyway. All other macros are OK it seems.
    Redownload the package.

  6. Thank you so much for the "TransformEach" macro. I didn't even see that was on there and I just installed it. Boy does that save some tedious work Thank you.

  7. I am having trouble getting this to work in CDR11 ...It works great in 13. It stopped at 1 place with the previous version and now it stops at another place. All the scripts stop in the same place. Do I need an updated ocx or something?

  8. I've just checked some extra macros recently added and commented out X3/v12 new features. Redownload.

  9. Wow nice tools,
    is is possible to "resample at xxx dpi" and convert to cmyk at the same time?
    When I send pages to newspaper I have to convert manually all the bitmaps to300dpi/cmyk and sometime I forget something and the pdf is rejected. A macro with this action in one will be great.

  10. Xenio, you might want to take a look at http://allmacros.ru (use an online translator from russian). There is a DocInfo macro. It's the ultimate solution for prepress/preprint checks

  11. Very nice macro, I am thinking to buy it, for now I did a simple merge of your reSampleBitmap and ConvertShapesToCMYK subs in one click and it works for me.
    Thanks again woxxom for your usefull macros.

  12. THANK YOU!

    This set of macros (wx_patchdraw) save my life and maybe the Corel Corporation too!

  13. I would like to assign MEASUREMENTS to shortcuts, but not worked in VBA. does anybody help me how to record measurements like centimeters, inches, feet.... to record & shortcut them

  14. pkg_sriram, it's easy, visit OberonPlace.com VBA info and also its VBA forum and read "Where to begin with CorelDRAW and VBA" thread


    Sets of macros is very useful for our Designing & Printing Industry.

    Thanks, Thanks!

  16. Hi,

    1. Can I run the bitmap resampler on existing coreldraw files (V12)?
    2. Will the resampling quality be similar to Draw or Photopaint?
    NB. When I use Draw, I get jaggies but when I use PPaint I get smooth edges on bitmaps.

    Is there a trial version?

  17. 1. per each file - yes, but if you need a batch resampler then just order a custom macro for that purpose on macromonster.com

    2. it uses 'antialiasing' to smoothen edges

    there's no trial afaik

  18. Does this work with X5?

  19. sorry, I haven't tested it yet on X5, post your question on macromnster.com forum, please

  20. Hi Everyone,

    At macromonster.com we recently gained the ability to test macros in X5 (and win 7 at same time).

    The new adventure: checking hundreds of macros and advising what's working (or not). However, not all macro authors might have X5 yet at their end to fix issues. In my case, I need to upgrade my hardware first, as my CPU was not recognized by X5.

    We can't predict every possible circumstance, due to the complexities and changes in Corel files, esp. with X5's new handling of color. Even Corel themselves have their own surprises to deal with...

    An obvious purpose for (or result from) a simple single macro should be evident in many cases.

    wOxxOm's package is both large and enormously powerful, so requires more intense testing.