wx_TOOLS macro package

The package of versatile handy tools I use currently to slipstream my workflow.

  • wx.PClipPick - pick a powerclipped shape(s) without entering powerclip editing mode. Works with keyboard assignment only: for example "W" and "Shift-W" (to add to selection). Repeat the macro to pick nested shapes.
  • wx.InvertSelection - invert shapes selection
  • wx.ZoomOutBack - to replace F3 hotkey, restores old pre-X3 behaviour
  • wx.CreateFountain - to quickcreate complex fountain fills - select a few uniformly filled shapes, invoke the macro, pick the target shape which will be painted with a fountain fill consisting of the selected colors.
    Updated to preserve angle and space between source swatches
  • wx.selectComplexCurves - to find shapes with number of nodes greater than specified
  • wx.selectSameFillColor, wx.selectSameFillAndOutline, wx.selectSameOutline, wx.selectSameDialog - selects ungroupped shapes with same fill/outline colors. Enable keyboard ScrollLock led to specify sensitivity (negative values allow selection inside groups)
  • wx.transparentEdge - create feathered edges for simple shapes (quirky)
  • wx.PasteAtMouse - paste the clipboard at mouse position
  • wx.ForEach - repeat last standard transform (repeatable usually with Ctrl-R) for the selection of multiple shapes individually for each (each repetition creates its 'undo' record)
  • wx.OutlinesToQ_KillEmpty - converts outlines to curves and deletes original shapes if it has no fill
  • wx.sizePagetoFIT - resizes page to fit objects + user specified gap
  • wx.selectSmallObjects - select objects smaller than user specified threshold
  • wx.outlineBehind - enable outline behind. Shift-click to disable
  • wx.OutlineIncrease & OutlineDecrease - change selected shapes' outlines width. Each width is changed individually which allows changing of different widths in one selection. I have it on Ctrl-Alt-Up & Down
  • wx.OutlineEqualsFill - makes outline color equal to fill. Useful for trace results in X3 to eliminate faint ghostly 'outline'
  • wx.GuideHorizontal, GuideVertical - create guide at mouse cursor. Assign to a hotkey
  • wx.BlendSplit - splits blend at position under mouse cursor. Invoke via hotkey only
  • wx.pageNamesAsNumbers - remove page names ("Page #") so that only numbers remain.
  • wx.dupOnNextPage - quick copying of selection to the next page (no clipboard usage). Layers currently are merged.
  • wx.TextToCurves - text to curves (also powerclipped) throughout whole document or selection only.
  • wx.ConvertShapesToCMYK - converts shapes and bitmaps to CMYK (selected/whole doc)
  • wx.BitmapsDownsample - resamples bitmaps if its dpi is larger than specified by 20%. Asks dpi # and processes selected / whole doc, including powerclips. Shows per page statistics
  • wx.BitmapsSetDPI - changes dpi value for bitmaps without resampling. Asks dpi # and processes selected / whole doc, including powerclips. Shows per page statistics.
  • wx.BitmapsToPowerclips - puts bitmaps into powerclips. Asks bleed # and processes selected / whole doc. Shows per page statistics.
  • wx.BitmapsResizer - to change (all/page/selected) bitmaps' dimensions proportionally (or force the values entered, if both X,Y are non-zero), optionally processes powerclipped contents

  • wx.ScrollScreenDown, ...Up ...Left ...Right ...DownRight ...UpRight ...DownLeft ...UpLeft - Scroll by 80% of screen. Assign e.g. to Ctrl-Alt-Numpad keys (1 to 9)

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workspace UI storage cleanup

Test version which helps greatly maintaining large customized UI workspaces.

  • You need it when it takes too long to open options's customization list (more than 1-2 seconds) which occures usually after a few months of moderate UI customizing.
  • The macro works from inside of Draw as usual gms do, and optimizes UI .xml storage
    c:\Documents and Settings\**XPaccount**\
    Application Data\Corel\Graphics13\User Workspace\CorelDRAW\
  • Keeps your custom icons, hotkey assignments, customized names for macros
  • Removes temporary duplicates of macro definitions which is the real cause of fat XML file.

Usage: run macro, close Draw, backup old XML, rename the optimized file to DRAWUIConfig.xml

Download: wx_UICleanXML


I want to facilitate GMS usage and here is the pilot project wx_GMStools.
  • load a gms from anywhere by just drag'n'drop and make it available for running/editing in this session only
  • load and copy gms to standard Draw gms folder
  • rebuild a gms file to reduce its size before distribution. Works better than File->Save and produces files much smaller in case of complex project structure.
  • create an empty gms without restarting Draw
  • works with DRAW v12/X3/X4

Download: wx_GMStools