wx_TOOLS :: BitmapsResizer

See also: wx_TOOLS package full description


  • wx.BitmapsResizer - to change (all/page/selected) bitmaps' dimensions proportionally (or force the values entered, if both X,Y are non-zero), optionally processes powerclipped contents

[general] Registry optimization tip

Windows Registry contains a lot of orphaned and superfluous information after a few months of usage: recently used files for many apps, not more existing SharedDlls, etc - which is cleaned by many registry cleaning tools.

Yet I've seen no tool to care about:

  • Orphaned HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Interface records
    sometimes there may exist a lot - check an AHK script to enumerate and delete them
  • Explorer ShellTray notification icons arrangement
    as much as 3MB is quite usual :-) check it yourself, run: regedit /e c:\test.reg HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\TrayNotify
    then see the size of c:\test.reg file and divide it in two. See the next item for a cure.
  • Explorer wallpapers recently used list
    mine was 0.5MB, check it by running: regedit /e c:\test.reg HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Wallpaper
    here's the reg to clean shelltray and wallpapers  MRU list. Paste to notepad and save it to "CleanRegTrayAndWallpapers.reg", type it with quotes(!), then double click it and perform a Windows re-login.

After all these clean-ups the Registry contains a lot of interspersed blocks marked as free, which is not good since new data won't necessarily fit in any of those. So a defragmentation is required, here's IMHO the simplest and fastest tool to do it: One Click Windows Registry Optimizer, 140kb portable version (no installation is required)

RecentFiles Nov21 - show image info + PDF pages

  • preview bitmap images dimensions, dpi, color mode
  • PDF mediabox, PDF page count
  • changed: import of PDF by doubleclick - MultiPage/Groupped question is shown only if PDF file has actually more than 1 page (number of pages is shown on the 'multipage' button)


DRAW 12/X3 UI adjustment effects customization fix

CorelDRAW 12/X3 options' customization doesn't provide some of color adjustment effects for shortcut assignment, there are no labels for them, nowhere, even in 'All commands' section, e.g.Contrast Enhancements (aka Levels), etc. - 12 effects from Adjust menu....

I wouldn't be me if I didn't succeed in tweaking it :-) so it's just one-click away

200k autopatcher CDRAdjustmentEffectsCustomizationEnabler.exe

Now becomes true:

wx_PatchDraw [updated]

  • New: patch.RenderResolution, on-the-fly change of Render Effects Resolution, dpi
    New: patch.AutocenterPowerClipToggle, on-the-fly toggling of "Center new powerclips contents" option
    New: patch.NavigatorWindowSize - for X3 & X4, resizes document navigator (50-500, DRAW's default is 150), standard hotkey is "N"
    Download test version of the macro

  • patch.SlowZoomToggle - toggle mousewheel zoom speed (fast, as in X3 default, or slow, as in Draw11). Shift-scrolling speed is also toggled.
  • patch.ZoomLevelLimitToggle - toggle "Maximum (minimum) zoom level achieved reached" messages.
  • patch.NodeGlyph2xToggle - toggle double size for nonselected node glyphs in node edit mode. Nodes thus are easier to be seen / work with.
  • patch.NodeGlyphColoredToggle - toggle node color coding for different types of nodes.
  • patch.SnapRadiusSet - set userspecified value of gravity of snapping (1..35, default is 10). High value (35) makes it a lot easier to work with guidelines and snap-to-objects
  • patch.SnapRadiusStd10, SnapRadiusMax35 - 1-click macros to quickly set gravity of snapping to 10 and 35 respectively
  • patch.CLOLreadToggle - disable reading of ColorStyles from CDR files to speed-up opening
  • patch.CLOLwriteToggle - disable saving of ColorStyles to CDR files to optimize file size to speed-up saving
  • patch.CrossHairToggle - fullscreen cross hair mouse pointer
  • patch.DispImageAntiAliasToggle - antialiasing of bitmaps in enhanced view mode
  • patch.Setup - configure automatic applying of the settings at startup time. Naturally don't forget to clear the "DelayLoadVBA" checkbox in Tools-Options-VBA - thus actually allowing VBA macros to run at startup.
  • works with DrawX3sp2 (


RecentFiles Nov11 - important fix

Nov 11:

  • Important fix: skip '..' parent folder on (multiple) file delete.
    Today I've just deleted 1.5GB of my very valuable data folder, thanx to file restoring software I immediately got it back :-)
  • SaveAs invoke mode if form was minimized - fixed: wrong control got focus, now it's file name input field