DRAW 12/X3 UI adjustment effects customization fix

CorelDRAW 12/X3 options' customization doesn't provide some of color adjustment effects for shortcut assignment, there are no labels for them, nowhere, even in 'All commands' section, e.g.Contrast Enhancements (aka Levels), etc. - 12 effects from Adjust menu....

I wouldn't be me if I didn't succeed in tweaking it :-) so it's just one-click away

200k autopatcher CDRAdjustmentEffectsCustomizationEnabler.exe

Now becomes true:


  1. Hi! Quick comment -- I just ran into your site and, being a veteran CorelDRAW user, I am amazed by your macros! They are WONDERFUL! I have at least two questions: 1) can I remunerate you somehow for them (they're so great!)? and 2) do you take requests? I have at least one annoyance you might be able to "fix" that would be a big help. Please let me know and Thanks Again!!

  2. hi there too!
    well indeed there could be 10 times more things to improve in DRAW using macros, and since it's a hobby for me to code sometimes these little things you can feel free to contact me with your ideas, or maybe even better to create a message thread on forum.oberonplace.com in VBA forum, so that there could be other people's opinions, discussion. My nickname there is wOxxOm too.

  3. Hi Woxxom,
    Your macros are truly amazing. I have two requests that will be easy enough for you to grant.
    1- I am also missing "Invert" command in the Corel's Customizations.
    2- And can you make a simple macro to "Reselect" just to load what ever was selected before being deselected.