workspace UI storage cleanup

Test version which helps greatly maintaining large customized UI workspaces.

  • You need it when it takes too long to open options's customization list (more than 1-2 seconds) which occures usually after a few months of moderate UI customizing.
  • The macro works from inside of Draw as usual gms do, and optimizes UI .xml storage
    c:\Documents and Settings\**XPaccount**\
    Application Data\Corel\Graphics13\User Workspace\CorelDRAW\
  • Keeps your custom icons, hotkey assignments, customized names for macros
  • Removes temporary duplicates of macro definitions which is the real cause of fat XML file.

Usage: run macro, close Draw, backup old XML, rename the optimized file to DRAWUIConfig.xml

Download: wx_UICleanXML


  1. you are amazing, though I haven't tried this yet. :-)

    The hotkey for macro thing gives you a gold star alone.