AutoDPI for imported bitmaps (72dpi fix)

wx.setDpi - sets dpi value (without resampling) for bitmaps (selected/page)

wx.setDpiSetup - setup of automatic dpi setting for any imported bitmaps (0 = disable).

p.s. Installation routine enables VBA macros to initialize at DRAW's startup (thus providing the macro's behaviour immediately after launch of DRAW) by unchecking VBAdelayLoad option, available also in Tools->Options->VBA.



  1. Hi,

    is there a way to load your macro in Designer 12.0?

  2. Yes, it should work but not in the GMS provided on this site. You should transfer the source code - install AutoDPI for Draw, open Draw's VBA Editor, and copy project's source code to clipboard. Then in Designer's VBA Editor - paste the text into GlobalMacros' thisMacroStorage.

  3. thanks, I'm going to try it!!