NodeAlign immediate control macros

NodeAlign.... macros act similar to L,R,C,T,B,E shortcuts, and can work with nodes of multiple selected objects.

wx.NodeAlignLeft, wx.NodeAlignRight, wx.NodeAlignXCenter
wx.NodeAlignTop, wx.NodeAlignBottom, wx.NodeAlignYCenter

Note: DRAW does not allow macros to see which node is selected most recently, so all the alignments are absolute e.g. NodeAlignLeft always aligns to the leftmost node. Solution: align all nodes except the target one, then add the target node to selection and invoke corresponding alignment macro depending on current visual relation of nodes

Installation: run the installer exe, and assign macros to toolbar buttons (in NodeEdit property bar mode preferably) or assign keyboard hotkeys to your taste: [ 80 sec of online 0.5MB video tutorial ][ step-by-step button installation in screenshots ][ Macro button installer ]


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