RecentFiles--July03 :: import like Draw


  • Importing via RF - mouse click to set X/Y position or to keep embedded (useful for vector formats) or to force page center
  • import 'PSInterpreted' :: save user's answer and keep it for all selected
  • folder in saveAs mode is remembered for new files just created
  • Ghostscript dll path in Options


  • PDF, PS, AI, PRN, EPS thumbnails displayed. GhostScript is required for most part

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Previous changes:

  • May31: PickFolder function fixed, broken May27
  • May29: fmtnum1 syntax error fixed, thx Matthew! (the error occured only if CDRinfo is enabled)
  • May27: in SaveAs mode: doubleclick a file in folderpane to save into (overwrite warning displayed)

  • May16
    New folder creation (F7 or rightclick menu)
    Default version for saving setup (click v:>>)
    Notes/Keywords editing on save (click ©)
    Min/Max/Close mouse hiliting

  • May14
    closing by X fixed when in quicksearch editbox.
    closing maximized window - size & layout saved correctly now

  • May10: CorelDRAW 11 compatibility fixed

  • May 8: New options:
    Button pictures toggle
    Icons in folder pane toggling
    Coloring of files (cdr/image/folder) toggle


  1. You are making great macros / programming. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. I use "RF" and I like it a lot, but, again, i have a problem (in earlier version i fixed with reinstalation of corel...). I got a error message in VBA: "Compile error: Variable not defined" on Sub saNotes_Change _
    fr.Fav.Top - lvFolder.Top - frSave.Top ...

    thanks a lot if
    any fix ideea


  3. yes, this looks like a VBA installation problem. No missed variables could be there as I use 'option explicit' VBA syntax. Try to install MSOffice with VBA