updated macro: wx_MacroInstaller

See also this post

  • Added: "Run" current macro, also by doubleclick or Enter key
  • Now the macro is quite usable as an enhanced replacement of Tools->VisualBasic->Run
  • Substring search on all macros installed, hilighting found ones.
  • Added: in search field it is possible to press Up & Down arrows keys (on keyboard also) to move to prev./next match
  • Added: small ergonomic dialog mode with only the macros list (toggled by "UI installer" & "Preview" checkboxes)
  • Added: if a file name is different from its macro project name it will be shown additionaly
  • Added: "@AppData" will be added to macro project name if a gms file resides in c:\Documents and Settings\**xpAccount**\Application Data\Corel\Graphics##\User Draw\GMS\



  1. just installed your script of 'recent files'.....in a word: killer.
    do you have a paypal account?...i would like to donate a little to the cause.
    thanks, -john

  2. woops.. better to not be anonymous... -john